Anthony Martinez
Owner/Lead Investigator

CMPY.0002875 Rep#0005623

Has lived and worked in NWA since 2001.  An ex-college athlete at Oklahoma State University(Stillwater) and a native of San Antonio, Texas. Anthony has an extensive background in investigations.  He is a retired police officer(Due to medical reasons).  During his time as an officer, he worked in Narcotics, Gang Suppression, Traffic accidents, and served in many supervisory roles. He is an expert in shooting, an active practitioner in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, trained rescue diver and trained in surveillance tactics and weapons.  Anthony has a strong belief in helping those who can't help themselves and being active in his community. In Anthony's spare time, he enjoys coaching youth football and basketball teams.  He also loves spending time with his kids and watching them grow and excel.